Wearing a sundress all summer so I can be ready to lift it up and sit on your face at any given point.

I expected more out of the season finale. Like, the ending was poo.

Daddy Pope is the GOAT.

Excuse me?

God giving you another chance after you say the wrong thing to African-American moms. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)


Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie
"The fiber from the berries and oatmeal, the protein from the milk and yogurt, the pure awesomeness that is frozen bananas – all combine to make the perfect filling, satisfying, grab-and-go breakfast. And it takes, oh, maybe 5 minutes to make. Total win."
Recipe here.
Via Kitchen Treaty
Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad or angry sometimes, it just means you keep on going anyway.
I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.

used to remind a child who is owed respect in the parent child dynamic. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition. (via blackproverbs)


on two hours of sleep im either way too happy or violently homicidal 

And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them.

Lucy Christopher, Stolen: A Letter to My Captor (via perfect)